HVAC&R: Cooling Towers - Maintenance & Troubleshooting

HVAC&R: Cooling Towers - Maintenance & Troubleshooting is part six of the HVAC&R seven-part training series.

The course describes basic cooling tower functions and operations, including the five elements considered in efficient cooling tower operation — air flow, water flow, mechanical systems, structural integrity, and water quality.

Course objectives include:

  • Learn how cooling towers operate to remove heat from the air conditioning or refrigeration system
  • Schedule preventative maintenance on a daily, weekly, and semi-annual basis, paying attention to each of the five elements of cooling tower operation
  • Identify common problems, symptoms, and remedies.

Course menu:

Cooling Tower Principles

  • Operations
  • Evaporation
  • Airflow Methods

Cooling Tower Maintenance

  • System and Structural Maintenance
  • Scheduled Inspection and Maintenance
  • Pumps, Pulleys, and Other Components

Structure and Water Inspection

  • Structural Checks
  • Water Treatment
  • Fouling and Scale Control

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