HVAC&R: Chillers - Leak Check & Electrical

HVAC&R: Chillers - Leak Check & Electrical is part five of the HVAC&R seven-part training series.

The course continues preventative maintenance procedures, focusing on electrical systems, motor maintenance, preparation for the leak check, and restarting the system. It describes the function of the pneumatic damper control and describes chiller troubleshooting techniques.

Course objectives include:

  • Test gages and switches in preparation for the leak check, service the starter panel, test the compressor motor windings, and service the compressor motor
  • Raise the pressure inside the chiller for the final leak check, perform the leak check, and trace and repair refrigerant leaks.

Course menu:

Leak Check and Electrical Testing

  • Preparation for Leak Check
  • Steps in Performing a Leak Check
  • Electrical Testing Procedures

Chiller Motor Maintenance and Final Leak Check

  • Motor Maintenance Procedures
  • Leak Detection and Repair

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