HVAC&R: Air Handlers - Mechanical Systems

HVAC&R: Air Handlers - Mechanical Systems is part two of the HVAC&R seven-part training series.

The course describes basic air handler functions and operations, including the functions of the supply and exhaust sides of the system, fans, dampers, filters, and coils. It outlines preventative maintenance commonly performed on the major mechanical systems and identifies potential problems.

Course objectives include:

  • Perform preventative maintenance on the fan, motor and belts, electrical system, louvers and dampers, coils, drain pan, and air filters
  • Discuss common problems and remedies.

Course menu:

System Operation

  • Air Distribution Types and Maintenance Concerns

Maintenance Tasks

  • Fan and Motor
  • Motor Controls
  • Louvers, Vanes, Damper, and Filters

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