HVAC-Chillers-Mechanical Components

This course focuses on calibration of dampers and safety systems. It discusses the need for system cutoffs to
protect against smoke and fire as well as the need for proper balance of outside and return air levels.
Course objectives include:
► Calibrate the high-static safety switch and the freeze-stat, which protect the air handler from mechanical
► Calibrate the dampers for proper response to control settings
► Calibrate outside and return air levels for maximum comfort and efficiency
► Adjust and test the smoke alarm and humidity control systems.
Course menu:
► Humidity and Smoke Detector Calibration
• Humidifier Operation
• Smoke Sensing Systems
► Damper Calibration
• Other Damper Types and Controls
• Proper Air Mix
► Water Valve, Freeze-Stat, and High Static Safety Switch
• Calibrating Water Valves
• Freeze-Stat Testing and Adjustment
• High Static Protection

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