• HAZWOPER First Responder: Operations Level

HAZWOPER First Responder: Operations Level

After awareness comes action. At the Operations Level, responders contain the HazMat release from a safe distance. Teach your employees how to do so with this course. It explains hazard and risk assessment, stresses the need for PPE, illustrates the processes of control, containment, and confinement and cites vital SOPs.

Hazard And Risk Assessment

  • HAZWOPER Training Levels
  • Emergency Response Plan

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Different levels of equipment

Basic Control Containment And Confinement


  • Decontamination and Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures

  • Safety Requirements

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After awareness comes action. But one doesn't have to be in the thick of it all. Level 2 responders contain the release from a safe distance, and they'll learn how to do that with this handbook.

  • Hazard and risk assessment
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Control, containment, confinement
  • Standard operating procedures

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