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Safety Courses

ACC000 Accident Investigation DVD
AER000 Aerial Lifts eLearning
AMM000 Anhydrous Ammonia                                            DVD
ANC000 Anchorages - Making the Connection DVD
ASB000 Asbestos Awareness eLearning, DVD
ASB002 Asbestos Awareness: Are You at Risk?                          eLearning, DVD
ASB003 Asbestos: Controlling Exposure                               DVD
ASB007 Asbestos in Construction DVD
ASB008 Asbestos Awareness: Understanding the Risk                          DVD
ATT000 Pro-Active Safety Attitudes: Looking Out for Number One                  eLearning, DVD
ATT006 Miracle On The Hudson: Prepare for Safety DVD
ATT007 Lessons From Miracle On The Hudson DVD
BACC01 Back At Work DVD
BAK000 Back Safety: Posture, Mechanics, Exercise eLearning, DVD
BAK003 Back Protection: Defending Your Safety Zone                                 DVD
BAK004 Back Safety: Lift Well, Live Well eLearning, DVD
BAK005 Back Safety for Material Handlers DVD
BAK006 Back Safety for First Responders DVD
BAK008 Back In Action eLearning, DVD
BAKR01 Back Safety: Real, Real-Life DVD
BAKS03 Back Safety Safe in 8 DVD
BBP000 Bloodborne Pathogens eLearning
BBP001 Bloodborne Pathogens: First Responder DVD
BBP002 Bloodborne Pathogens: Protect Yourself                 DVD
BBP008 Bloodborne Pathogens for Law Enforcement DVD
BBP010 Bloodborne Pathogens: Know the Risk DVD
BBP012 Bloodborne Pathogens for Corrections DVD
BBP027 Bloodborne Pathogens: Take Precautions DVD
BBP031 Bloodborne Pathogens for Custodians DVD
BBP032 Bloodborne Pathogens for Fire and Rescue DVD
BBP041 Bloodborne Pathogens: Just the Facts  DVD
BBPC02 Bloodborne Pathogens: Case Histories DVD
BBPR01 Bloodborne Pathogens: Real, Real-Life DVD
BBPS10 Bloodborne Pathogens ExpressTrain                   DVD
BEN000 Benzene: Knowledge is Power & Safety DVD
BUC000 Bucket Trucks: Extending Your Safety eLearning, DVD
CAD000 Cadmium Safety eLearning
CHE005 Chemical Handling Safety: Basic Principles                    eLearning, DVD
CHE006 Chemical Handling Safety: Flammables                           DVD
CHE007 Chemical Handling Safety: Corrosives                               DVD
CHE008 Chemical Handling Safety: Solvents                                 DVD
CHK002 Chlorine Kit - Ton Containers                                DVD
CHL001 Chlorine: Handle with Care DVD
COM000 Compressed Gases: Safe Handling                             eLearning, DVD
COM002 Compressed Gas Safety Awareness eLearning, DVD
CPS001 Process Safety Management                                    DVD
CPS002 Process Safety: Employee Awareness                            DVD
CPS004 Process Safety: Protecting Employees DVD
CRA000 Indoor Cranes: Safe Lifting Operations                       eLearning, DVD
CRA001 Working Around Cranes                           DVD
CRA003 Crane Inspections                                            DVD
CRA004 Overhead & Gantry Cranes DVD
CRA005 Cranes in Construction DVD
CSE001 Confined Space Entry eLearning
CSE002 Confined Space Entry: Permit Required                          eLearning, DVD
CSE003 Confined Space Atmospheric Testing                                          DVD
CSE004 Confined Space Ventilation                     DVD
CSE005 Confined Space Entry: Inside Maneuvers                   eLearning, DVD
CSE008 Confined Space Entry Investigation DVD
CSE008 Confined Space Entry: Keeping Public Employees Safe DVD
CSE013 Confined Space Entry: Plan & Prepare DVD
CSE0C1 Confined Space Case Histories                                 DVD
CSR000 Confined Space Rescue                  DVD
CSR002 Confined Space Non-Entry Rescue                              DVD
CST001 Construction Trenching and Shoring DVD
CST002 Construction Lockout/Tagout DVD
CST003 Construction Back Safety DVD
CST006 Construction Stairways and Ladders DVD
CST008 Construction Welding Safety: What You Need to Know DVD
CST010 Construction Electrical Safety DVD
CST014 Hazcom for Construction DVD
CST016 Scissor Lifts for Construction                               DVD
CST017 Boomlifts for Construction                                   DVD
CST024 Stationary Scaffolds in Construction                      DVD
CST027 Construction Electrical Safety DVD
CST029 Construction Forklifts: Extending Your Reach                             DVD
CTR000 Contractor Safety: General Requirements                      eLearning, DVD
CTR001 Contractor Safety: It's Everyone's Business DVD
DEC000 Decontamination: A Matter of Life                             DVD
DRG000 DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing                                  DVD
DRG004 Reconizing Alcohol & Drug Abuse for Employees DVD
DRG005 Reconizing Alcohol & Drug Abuse for Managers DVD
DRM000 Drum Handling                             DVD
ELE000 Electrical Safety eLearning
ELE004 Electrical Power Generation DVD
ELE005 Electrical Safety: Beware the Bite eLearning, DVD
ELE006 Electric Power Generation: Grounding                          DVD
ELE007 Electrical Safety: Basic Principles DVD
ELE008 Electrical Hazards: Avoid the Risk                            DVD
ELE009 Electrical Emergencies: Proper Response DVD
ELE010 Electrical Safety: Working Around Live Circuits DVD
ELE012 Electrical Safety for the Qualified Worker DVD
ELE013 Arc Flash Safety Awareness DVD
ELE016 Arc Flash: Live to Tell DVD
ELE017 Electrical Case Histories eLearning, DVD
ELEC01 Fatal Shock: Electrical Case Histories                        DVD
ELES05 Electrical Safety Safe in 8 DVD
ELTR01 SafeStart Introduction DVD
EME000 Emergency Action Plan                                        DVD
EME008 Spiral To Disaster                                 DVD
EME009 Emergency Evacuation: Getting Out Alive                     DVD
EME011 Facility Security: The Critical Link                          DVD
EME012 Biological and Chemical Threats: Closing the Door DVD
EME013 Emergency Action Plan: Crisis Under Control                           eLearning, DVD
EME016 HazMat Transportation: Security Depends on You                    DVD
EME021 Lessons from Ground Zero: Emergency Action Plan               DVD
EME022 Lessons from Ground Zero: Evacuation                       DVD
EME023 Public Building Security: It's Everyone's Concern DVD
EME028 King's Cross: Beneath the Flames DVD
EME029 Crash in the Dark: A Crew Resource Management Case Study DVD
EME032 HazMat: Safe and Secure                                       DVD
EME033 Port Security: We're Counting on You                          DVD
EME035 Port Security For Vistors, Vendors & Contractors DVD
EME036 Transit Security: On the Lookout DVD
EME037 Disaster Safety: Aftermath and Cleanup DVD
EME048 Avian Flu: What You Need to Know DVD
EME055 2009 H1N1 Influenza: What You Need to Know DVD
ENV000 Environmental Awareness Part I eLearning
ENV001 Environmental Awareness Part II eLearning
EPA001 EPA Risk Management: A Shared Responsibility DVD
EPA002 EPA Risk Management: Be a Good Neighbor DVD
EPA004 Environmental Awareness: Recipe for a Cleaner World DVD
EPA005 Stormwater Runoff DVD
EPA008 Spill Prevention and Control: Creating a Safer World DVD
ERG000 Ergonomics: Your Body at Work                               eLearning
ERG004   DVD
ERG005   DVD
ERG007 Ergonomics: Break the RMI Habit                               DVD
ERG008 Ergonomics: The 24-Hour Body DVD
ERG010 Ergonomics: Solving the Puzzle                             DVD
ERG013 Strains & Sprains: Avoiding The Pain DVD
ERGS04 Ergonomics: Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands DVD
ERGS05 Ergonomics: A Weight Off Your Shoulders DVD
EXT000 Portable Fire Extinguishers                                  DVD
EXT002 Fire Extinguishers: Your PASS to Safety                     eLearning, DVD
EYE000 Eye Protection: See the Whole Picture                                             DVD
FAC001 Groundskeeping Safety: Be a Pro!                         eLearning, DVD
FAC002 Groundskeeping Safety: Dealing with Bugs and Critters DVD
FAC003 Working Outdoors: Mosquitoes and Ticks                         DVD
FAD000 First Aid on the Job                                         eLearning
FAD003 Medical Emergencies: Citizen Responder                          DVD
FAD009 First Aid: Prepared to Help eLearning, DVD
FIR000 Fire in the Workplace                                        eLearning, DVD
FIR001 Fire Emergency: Initial Response and Evacuation DVD
FIR004 Fire Safety: There's No Second Chance                            DVD
FIR009 Fire Safety: Alert, Aware, Alive eLearning, DVD
FIR011 Fire Safety: Be Alert Not Alarmed DVD
FIR013 Fire Safety: Operating Without Fires DVD
FIRR01 Fire Safety: Real, Real-Life                                   DVD
FIRS04 Fire Safety Safe in 8                              DVD
FOT000 Protecting Your Feet: Learning the ABCs                     DVD
FRK000 Forklift Safety eLearning
FRK004 Working Around Forklifts                                     DVD
FRK005 Forklift Fundamentals: Get the Facts                                  DVD
FRK006 Forklift Operation: Carry the Load                           DVD
FRK007 Forklift Handling: Safety in Dangerous Situations DVD
FRK008 Powered Low-Lift Trucks: Walkie/Rider Safety                   DVD
FRK009 Powered High-Lift Trucks: Order Picker Safety DVD
FRK011 Forklift Basics: Safe from the Start eLearning, DVD
FRK012 Forklift Maneuvers: All the Right Moves eLearning, DVD
FRK013 Forklift Safety: Training Package DVD
FRKC02 Forklift Case Histories: Serious Business                            DVD
FRKR01 Forklift Safety: Real, Real-Life                                DVD
FRKS06 Forklift Safety Safe in 8 DVD
HAC001 HAACP: A Plan For Food Safety DVD
HAN000 Hand Safety DVD
HAN001 Hand Protection: Lessons for a Lifetime DVD
HAN002 Hand Safety: It's in Your Hands eLearning, DVD
HDW006 Handwashing: Avoiding Germs and Viruses at Work DVD
HDW008 Hand Hygiene: The Best Medicine DVD
HEA002 Heat Stress DVD
HEA006 Beat the Heat: Preventing and Treating Heat Disorders                     DVD
HEA009 Heat Stress: Don’t Lose Your Cool                                         DVD
HEA010 Heat Stress: Code Red DVD
HEA011 Heat Stress for Public Employees: Seeing Red DVD
HID001 Pro-Active Safety Attitudes: The Self-Inspection                       DVD
HNT000 Powered Hand Tool Safety: Handle with Care                        DVD
HOL000 Holiday Safety: At the Top of Your List DVD
HRG000 Hearing Protection: A Sound Practice                          eLearning
HRG001 Hearing Protection: It Makes Sense                          DVD
HRG002 Hearing Protection: Sounds Good to Me                        DVD
HRG004 Hearing Conservation Noise Under Control DVD
HRGR01 Hearing Protection: Real, Real-Life                            DVD
HRGS01 Hearing Protection Safe in 8 DVD
HSK000 Housekeeping: It Ain't Like the Movies                          DVD
HWO004 HAZWOPER First Responder: Awareness Level                DVD
HWO005 HAZWOPER First Responder: Operations Level               DVD
HWT000 HazMat Awareness ---
HWT001 HazMat Transportation: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You                    DVD
HWT002 Marking, Labeling and Placarding: HazMat for Transportation                               DVD
HWT003 HazMat Shipping Papers                                       DVD
HWZ000 Highway Workzone Safety DVD
HWZ002 Roadway Worker Safety: In the Zone DVD
HYD000 Hydrogen Sulfide: A Matter of Life                          DVD
HZR000 Hazard Recognition for Utility Workers DVD
HZR001 Hazard Recognition and Control DVD
IIP001 Employee Involvement: The Key To Safety DVD
INC000 Incident Command System: When Seconds Count                                    DVD
INC001 Incident Command System: When Duty Calls                               eLearning, DVD
INV001 Incident Investigation: Getting Started eLearning, DVD
INV002 Incident Investigation: Effective Team DVD
INV003 Incident Investigation: Analyze Facts DVD
INV004 Incident Investigation: Develop, Recommend eLearning, DVD
LAB002 Lab Packs                                     DVD
LAB003 Lab Safety: Under the Hood                                eLearning, DVD
LAB004 Lab Safety: The Finer Points                         DVD
LAS001 Laser Safety: The Blink of an Eye DVD
LAT000 Hindsight: The Ken Woodward Story DVD
LAT001 Lessons from a Blind School DVD
LAT002 The Climber's Attitude DVD
LEA000 Lead Safety                                 eLearning
LEA001 Lead Safety: Treat It with Respect                                  DVD
LEA003 Lead Safety: On the Job DVD
LEA004 Lead Safety for Firearms                                     DVD
LIN007 Line Breaking: Plan for Success DVD
LOT000 Lockout/Tagout of Energy Sources                             eLearning
LOT002 Lockout for Life                                             DVD
LOT003 Lockout/Tagout: Controlling the Beast                          DVD
LOT004 Lockout/Tagout: An Open and Shut Case                        DVD
LOT006 Lockout/Tagout for Pulp and Paper                  DVD
LOT009 Lockout/Tagout: Lightning in a Bottle eLearning, DVD
LOTR01 Lockout/Tagout: Real, Real-Life                                DVD
LOTS03 Lockout/Tagout ExpressTrain                          DVD
MAC000 Machine Guarding                            DVD
MAC001 Pinch Points and Safeguarding for Pulp and Paper DVD
MAC002 Machine Guarding: Safeguard Your Future DVD
MER000 All for One: The Meerkat Way DVD
MFG000 Good Manufacturing Practices: Food Safety's In Your Hands                    DVD
MOL000 Mold Awareness DVD
MPP000 Mechanical Power Press Safety                    DVD
MRT000 PPE on the Waterfront: Every Choice Counts DVD
MRT001 Working around HazMat on the Waterfront DVD
MRT002 Drugs and Alcohol on the Waterfront: Every Choice Counts DVD
MRT003 Vehicle Safety on the Waterfront DVD
MRT004 Safe Driving on the Waterfront DVD
MRT005 Ready to Work on the Waterfront DVD
MRT006 Railcar Safety on the Waterfront DVD
MRT007 Signaling on the Waterfront DVD
MTV000 Motor Vehicle Awareness: Easy as ABC                     eLearning
MTV001 Defensive Driving: A Crash Course                        DVD
MTV003 Defensive Driving: Prepared for the Worst                       DVD
MTV011 Driven to Distraction eLearning, DVD
MTV012 Before You Turn the Key eLearning, DVD
MTV013 Emotional Wreck DVD
MTV014 Street Smarts DVD
MTV015 Driven to Distraction II DVD
MTV017 Motorcycle Safety Awareness DVD
MTV020 Golf Cart and LSL Safety: On & Off the Course DVD
MTV022 Distracted Driving: Game Over DVD
MTVR01 Defensive Driving: Real, Real-Life                       DVD
OER001 Office Ergonomics: It's Your Move                                   DVD
OERS01 Ergonomics Safe in 8 DVD
OFF000 Working Smart: General Office Safety                          eLearning
OFF001 Office Safety: It's a Jungle in There                             eLearning, DVD
OFF005 Office Safety Investigation DVD
OFFS01 Office Safety Safe In 8 DVD
OSH005 OSHA: An Introduction                                         DVD
OSH007 OSHA: An Introduction for Construction                        DVD
PBS000 People-Based Safety: Acting  DVD
PBS002 People-Based Safety: Coaching DVD
PBS003 People-Based Safety: Thinking DVD
PBS004 People-Based Safety: Seeing DVD
PFP000 Personal Fall Protection: Hook Up                           eLearning
PFP001 Personal Fall Protection: One Step Beyond                                          DVD
PFP005 Fall Protection: The Right Connection eLearning, DVD
PPE000 Personal Protective Equipment: You're Covered                          eLearning
PPE001 Heads Up! Hard Hat Safety                         DVD
PPE005 Personal Protective Equipment: Win the Race to Safety eLearning, DVD
PPE007 Personal Protective Equipment: Don't Start Work Without It eLearning, DVD
PPE012 Personal Protective Equipment: The Right Choice DVD
PPER01 Personal Protective Equipment: Real, Real-Life                             DVD
PPES05 Personal Protective Equipment Safe in 8                 DVD
RAD001 Radiation Safety: The Basics DVD
RAD002 NORM: Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials DVD
RCR000 Small Quantity Generators DVD
RCR001 Large Quantity Generators eLearning, DVD
REP000 Pharmaceutical Sales Reps' Safety: Scenes of Success DVD
REP001 Sales Reps' Safety: Empowered to Perform DVD
RES000 Respiratory Protection                        eLearning
RES004 Respiratory Protection: Another World                         DVD
RES005 Disposable Respirators: Exposure Control                                       DVD
RES006 Respiratory Protection: A Breath of Fresh Air                                DVD
RES008 Respirator Safety: A Sure Fit DVD
RES009 Respirator Safety: Public Knowledge DVD
RESS04 Respirator Safety ExpressTrain                              DVD
RFP000 Respect For People eLearning, DVD
RIG001 Rigging Equipment Basics DVD
RIG002 Rigging Operations DVD
RLTY01 Danger Zone: Lockout Tragedy                     DVD
RLTY02 Safety: The Good Fight                                  DVD
RLTY005 Evrey Choice Matters DVD
SAF001 Safety Orientation                   DVD
SAF004 Hotel Safety Orientation: A Reality Check-In                  DVD
SAF006 Safety Orientation: Don't Be a Zombie                            DVD
SAF011 Safety Orientation: On Alert eLearning, DVD
SAF012 Safety Orientation: On Alert DVD
SAF014 Retail Safety Orientation  DVD
SAF015 The Newcomers at Work DVD
SAF019 Hazard Awareness: Ready Day One eLearning, DVD
SAF020 Travel Safety: Know Before You Go eLearning, DVD
SAL006 Breaking Competitive Accounts DVD
SAV002 Eye Protection: Why Gamble?                                           DVD
SCA000 Scaffolds: Safety at All Levels                              DVD
SCA001 Scaffold Safety eLearning
SCO002 Job Safety Analysis  eLearning, DVD
SCO003 PPE Hazard Assessment DVD
SCO004 Safety Meetings: Give 'Em What They Want DVD
SCO011 Accident Investigation: The Big Picture DVD
SCO012 OSHA Recordint Keeing True to Form DVD
SCO013 Media Relations: What to Do When the News Is You DVD
SFC000 The Safety Committee: Team for Success                          DVD
SIL000 Silica Safety eLearning
SSL000 Small Spills and Leaks                                       DVD
STA000 Solving the Mystery: Static Electricity                          DVD
STF000 Slips, Trips and Falls                               DVD
STF003 Slips, Trips and Falls: Taking the Right Steps                                      DVD
STF004 Slips, Trips and Falls: Split Second Safety eLearning, DVD
STFR00 Slips, Trips & Falls DVD
STL000 Stairways and Ladders: The First Step                           eLearning, DVD
STL001 Ladder Safety eLearning
STR004 Shiftwork: Circadian Survival DVD
STR011 Employee Wellness: Taking Care of You DVD
STR012 Employee Wellness: A Way of Life DVD
SUM000 Summer Sports: Safety Wins DVD
SUP005 The Sid Story DVD
SVR000 Service Reps: A Day in the Life DVD
TBS000 Tuberculosis Awareness                    DVD
TQM000 Pro-Active Safety in Action: The Total Quality Approach                          DVD
TQM001 Pro-Active Safety in Action: Accidents Don't Have to Happen                      DVD
TQM002 Incident Reporting: You Can Save a Life                              DVD
TQM003 Pro-Active Safety Attitudes: Target Zero!                  DVD
TQM004 Safety Attitudes: Food for Thought DVD
TRE000 Trenching and Shoring                     eLearning
TRE001 Trench Emergency                                             DVD
TRE002 Cave In! Trenching and Shoring Safety                      DVD
TRE004 Installing Trench Boxes                                      DVD
TRE005 Installing Hydraulic Shoring                         DVD
VAS000 Vacation Safety DVD
VIO000 Workplace Violence: The Calm Before the Storm                    eLearning
WAS002 Pollution Prevention: Reducing Waste in the Workplace                    DVD
WEL002 Confined Space Hotwork: Checklist to Safety                          DVD
WEL003 Oxyfuel Gas Cutting: The Sure Cut                     DVD
WEL004 Welding Safety: Safe Work with Hotwork                 eLearning, DVD
WIN000 Safe Winter Driving DVD
WIN001 Winter Safety DVD
WRH000 Warehouse Safety                           DVD
WWS000 Walking and Working Surfaces                        eLearning, DVD

Human Resources Courses

ADA005 Understanding The New ADA DVD
CHG000 Managing People through Change DVD
CHG001 Changes  eLearning, DVD
CLW001 Clown DVD
CMM000 Communication Cornerstones: Building Trust DVD
CMM001 Relationship Strategies Part l DVD
CMM002 Relationship Strategies Part II DVD
CMM004 Communication Nightmares eLearning
CMM028 Communication Breakdown eLearning, DVD
CON002 Between You and Me: Solving Conflict DVD
CON003 Solving Conflict eLearning, DVD
CRE000 Why I Didn't I Think of That? eLearning, DVD
CUS000 Service Excellence: A Time to Care DVD
CUS001 Customer Service: The Royal Treatment                          DVD
CUS002 The Royal Connection: Telephone Courtesy                  DVD
CUS003 Customer Service: Difficult Customer ALERT                      eLearning
CUS005 Lila's Story DVD
CUS006 Difficult Patients: Breaking Through DVD
CUS009 But I Don't Have Customers eLearning, DVD
CUS010 But I Don't Have Customers Government Version DVD
CUS011 The Secret: Customer Service Uncovered DVD
CUS013 Quality Service in the Public Sector DVD
CUS015 Difficult People: How to Deal with Them DVD
CUS040 Customer Service: As Natural As Child's Play DVD
CUS042 Customer Service: Who Cares? eLearning, DVD
CUS043 Customer Service: Who Cares? Government Version DVD
DIV002 Diversity: Food for Thought                         DVD
DIV004 Diversity Advantage: Food for Thought                         DVD
DIV015 Diversity: The Real Scene eLearning, DVD
DIV017 Drop By Drop DVD
DIV021 Diversity: Respect at Work DVD
DRG004 Recognizing Drug and Alcohol Abuse for Employees eLearning, DVD
DRG005 Recognizing Drug and Alcohol Abuse for Managers eLearning, DVD
EML000 The Straight Scoop on E-Mail DVD
ETC003 Workplace Violence: First Line of Defense DVD
ETH001 Ethics: The L.O.G.I.C. of Right eLearning, DVD
HAR000 It's About Respect: Recognizing Harassment in a Diverse Workplace DVD
HAR002 Beyond Sexual Harassment: Other Forms of Harassment and Discrimination DVD
HAR005 Harassment Is… Healthcare Version DVD
HAR007 Harassment Is… Office Version DVD
HAR008 Harassment Is… Industrial Version DVD
HAR009 Harassment Is… Hospitality Version DVD
HAR010 Harassment Is… Government Version DVD
HAR011 Harassment Is… Retail Version DVD
HAR012 Harassment: The Real Scene DVD
HAR014 Let's Face It: Harassment Training for Supervisors DVD
HAR015 A Clear Picture: Harassment in the Public Sector DVD
HAZ022 HAZCOM for Healthcare: In Sync With GHS DVD
IMP000 The Goal eLearning, DVD
INT002 Interviewing: Getting Beyond The Image DVD
INT003 Interviewing For Industry DVD
INT006 Legal and Effective Interviewing II: The Right Questions DVD
INT008 More Than a Gut Feeling III DVD
INT009 More Than a Gut Feeling III Hospitality Version DVD
INT010 You Be the Judge II DVD
INT025 Hiring The Best DVD
KEN000 Avoiding Litigation Landmines: A Survival Guide for Managers DVD
LDR000 Leadership: Reach for the Stars                               DVD
LEO000 Love 'Em or Lose 'Em                                           eLearning, DVD
LET000 Let's Talk: Performance Feedback                        DVD
LGL001 Legal Peril: 8 Management Pitfalls To Avoid DVD
LGL002 HR Case Files with Catherine Crier DVD
LGL003 FMLA Case Files with Catherine Crier DVD
LGL005 Sexual Harassment Case Files with Catherine Crier DVD
LGL007 Documenting Discipline DVD
LGL008 No Privacy: Legal Issues In Email  DVD
LGL010 Documenting Discipline DVD
LGL017 Documenting Discipline II DVD
LGL020 Leakproof: 8 Privacy Principles DVD
LIF000 40 Hours: Invest in Yourself eLearning, DVD
MER001 One for All: Teamwork the Meerkat Way DVD
MOT001 Team Player eLearning, DVD
MTG002 We've Got to Stop Meeting Like This! DVD
MTG003 Not Just Another Meeting eLearning, DVD
PER000 Legal and Effective Performance Appraisals DVD
PER002 The Human Touch Performance Appraisal II DVD
PER011 Care and Candor: Making Performance Appraisals Work DVD
PER012 Looking Forward: Your Performance Appraisal eLearning, DVD
POI008 Understanding The New FMLA DVD
POI009 Harassment for Managers: A new Look DVD
POI010 Harassment: A New Look (for Employees) DVD
POI011 Harassment for Managers: A New Look California Version DVD
POI012 Ethics Is a Competitive Advantage DVD
POI013 Ethics Speaking Up Without Fear DVD
POI014 Ethical Leadership: Tone at all Levels DVD
POI015 Social Media: Reduce the Risk DVD
POI017 Wage & Hour Compliance DVD
POI025 Four Generations: The Greatest Potential DVD
POI031 Harassment: A New Look (Industrial) DVD
POI032 Dealing With Third Parties DVD
POI033 Business Ethics in the New Economy with Dr. Marianne Jennings DVD
POI035 Wrong Way Right Way: Ethics Cases DVD
POI040 Wrong Way Right Way: Ethics Cases, Part 1 DVD
POI041 Wrong Way Right Way: Ethics Cases, Part 2 DVD
POI042 Wrong Way Right Way: Ethics Cases, Part 3 DVD
POIC29 Ethics Series with Dr. Marianne Jennings DVD
PRO000 Legal and Effective Progressive Discipline DVD
RSP000 Respect in the Workplace DVD
RSP001 It's Not Working: Workplace Etiquette eLearning, DVD
RFR002 Red Flag Rule: Preventing Identity Theft DVD
STR000 Dealing with Stress                       DVD
STR005 Stress: You're in Control DVD
SUP005 The Sid Story eLearning
SXH003 Sexual Harassment: You Make the Call                              DVD
SXH004 Sexual Harassment: You Make the Call (White Collar Version)                          eLearning, DVD
SXH005 Sexual Harassment: A Manager's Guide  DVD
SXH006 Preventing Sexual Harassment DVD
SXH007 Sexual Harassment: Know Your Rights DVD
SXH008 Sexual Harassment: New Perspective (White Collar Version) DVD
SXH009 Sexual Harassment: New Perspective (Blue Collar Version) DVD
SXH011 Sexual Harassment: Is It or Isn't It?  DVD
SXH012 Sexual Harassment: Is It or Isn't It? Hospitality Version DVD
SXH013 Sexual Harassment: Is It or Isn't It? Manufacturing Version DVD
SXH014 Sexual Harassment: Is It or Isn't It? Healthcare Version DVD
SXH015 Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Identify. Stop. Prevent.  DVD
SXH017 Sexual Harassment: Is It or Isn't It? Retail Version DVD
TER000 Legal and Effective Employment Terminations DVD
TIM000 Time Management: A Productivity Plan                         DVD
TIM002 The Time Trap II DVD
TMW000 Teamwork: How Synergy Succeeds                                DVD
TMW008 Team Nightmares Part I DVD
TMW009 Team Nightmares Part II DVD
VIO012 Workplace Violence: The Calm Before the Storm DVD

Healthcare Courses

AGE001 Age-Specific Care: It's Relative DVD
BAC000 Protecting Your Back DVD
BAC003 Ergonomics: Watch Your Back DVD
BAC004 Ergonomics: Safe Patient Transfer DVD
BAC005 Patient Lifting: Safe Strategies DVD
BAK002 Back Safety for Home Health DVD
BBP000 Bloodborne Pathogens Standard: How It Affects You, How It Protects You DVD
BBP003 Bloodborne Pathogens for Long-Term Care DVD
BBP006 Bloodborne Pathogens: Bloodbug Barriers                        DVD
BBP013 Bloodborne Pathogens: A Sharper Image DVD
BBP024 Bloodborne Pathogens for Ambulatory Care DVD
BBP030 Bloodborne Pathogens in Behavioral Healthcare DVD
BBP040 BBP in Your World: Don't Risk It DVD
BBPA01 Bloodborne Pathogens: Assisted Living DVD
BBPH01 Bloodborne Pathogens: Protection in the Home Care Setting DVD
BBPS13 Bloodborne Pathogens: A Healthcare Refresher DVD
CMM029 Disruptive Behavior: Too Great a Cost DVD
CUS048 Customer Service In Long Term Care: Making It World Class DVD
DIV016 Cultural Competency: Just Good Healthcare DVD
DOC002 Nursing Documentation: A Reflection of Quality Care DVD
ELD001 Dementia and Alzheimer's Caregiving: Through the Looking Glass DVD
ELE000 Healthcare Electrical Safety DVD
EME007 Disaster Planning for Healthcare DVD
EME015 Biological Threats In Healthcare: Identify & Respond DVD
EME047 Avian Flu and General Pandemic Awareness DVD
ERG006 Ergonomics for Healthcare Workers DVD
FIR002 Fire Safety for Long-Term Care DVD
FIR005 Fire Safety: Mission Possible DVD
FIR007 Fire Safety for Home Healthcare: Ten Burning Questions DVD
FIR008 Fire Safety for Ambulatory Care: Mission Possible DVD
HAR013 Harassment Is…(Healthcare Version) DVD
HCC001 Healthcare Compliance: Code of Conduct DVD
HCC002 EMTALA: 911 on Call DVD
HDW004 Hand Hygiene for Hands that Care DVD
HIP000 HIPAA: Privacy Compliance DVD
HIP001 HIPAA: Privacy in Home Healthcare DVD
HIP002 HIPAA Privacy: Compliance Scenarios DVD
HIP003 HIPAA: Privacy in Long-Term Care DVD
HIP004 HIPAA: Security Compliance DVD
HIP005 HIPAA: Security and Privacy in Long-Term Care DVD
HIP006 HIPAA: Security and Privacy for Home Healthcare DVD
HIP007 HIPAA: Do the Right Thing DVD
HIP008 HIPAA: Security & Privacy for Hospitals DVD
HIV000 HIV/AIDS: What Caregivers Need to Know DVD
INF001 Infection Control Orientation                   DVD
INF004 Infection Control for Home Health: Winning the Battle DVD
INF005 Infection Control: Chain Reaction DVD
INF006 Infection Control for Ambulatory Care DVD
INF007 Infection Control in Behavioral Health DVD
INF010 MRSA and VRE Precautions: Battling Superbugs DVD
INF011 Healthcare-Associated Infections: Prevention and Control DVD
INF012 Infection Control in Outpatient Facilities DVD
INF015 MRSA Awareness DVD
INF017 Infection Control in Outpatient Facilities DVD
INF018 Infection Control for Schools DVD
INF023 Infection Control: In Long-Term Care DVD
INT014 Hiring for Healthcare: How to Find the Best Everytime DVD
LTX000 Latex Allergy DVD
NSP001 Needlestick Prevention: Stick to Safety DVD
PAT000 Patient Confidentiality: It's Everybody's Job, Not Everybody's Business DVD
PAT001 Patient Rights: Keep Them in Focus DVD
PAT003 Patient Confidentiality: Privacy in an High-Tech Era DVD
PMG000 Pain Management: Finding Relief DVD
PPE002 Healthcare Personal Protective Equipment: Why Risk It? DVD
PSF001 Patient Safety: Light the Way DVD
PSF002 Preventing Patient Falls in Hospitals DVD
PSF003 Preventing Resident Falls in Long-Term Care DVD
PSF004 Medication Management: You Can Prevent Errors DVD
PSF005 Fall Prevention in Home Healthcare DVD
RAD000 Healthcare Radiation Safety DVD
RFC000 Creating a Restraint-Free Culture DVD
SAF002 Home Healthcare Safety Orientation DVD
SAF007 Safety Orientation for Long-Term Care DVD
SAF009 Safety Orientation for Ambulatory Care DVD
SFO000 Safety Orientation: Healthcare                              DVD
SFO001 Safety Orientation For Healthcare: Preparation Meets Opportunity DVD
STF001 Slips, Trips and Falls for Healthcare DVD
STR001 Managing Healthcare Stress DVD
SXH010 Sexual Harassment in Healthcare DVD
TBS001 Tuberculosis: Identification and Control                            DVD
TBS002 Tuberculosis: Identification and Control for Non-Isolation DVD
VIO002 Healthcare Violence: Be Part of the Cure DVD
VIO003 Violence in Home Healthcare: Be Smart, Be Safe DVD
VIO004 Combative Residents: Mirror Their Reality DVD
VIO005 Hospital Security: Partners Against Crime DVD
VIO007 Elder Abuse and Neglect: Show You Care DVD
VIO009 Domestic Abuse: Recognizing and Reporting  DVD
VIO011 Personal Safety for Home Health Caregivers DVD
VIO012 Workplace Violence: The Calm Before The Storm eLearning

Maintenance & Reliability Course

AIR001 HVAC&R: Air Handlers - Mechanical Systems                          eLearning
BEL001 Identification of Parts & Care eLearning
BEL002 Accessories eLearning
BEL003 Speed & Feed eLearning
BEL004 Grinding A Right Hand Roughing Tool eLearning
BEL005 Grinding A Round Nose Finishing Tool eLearning
BEL006 Mounting & Truing Work In The 4 Jaw eLearning
BEL007 Three Methods Of Facing Work To Length eLearning
BEL008 Straight Turning Work Of Two Diameters eLearning
BEL009 Straight Turning Between Centers eLearning
BEL010 Drilling, Boring & Reaming Work eLearning
BEL011 Turning A Radius eLearning
BEL012 Turning Tapers eLearning
BEL013 Filing & Polishing eLearning
BEL014 Knurling eLearning
CHI001 HVAC&R: Chillers - Mechanical Components                               eLearning
COL001 HVAC&R: Cooling Towers - Maintenance and Troubleshooting                      eLearning
CON001 HVAC&R: Condensers: Maintenance and Troubleshooting                                        eLearning
CPC004 Applications of PH Control eLearning
CTE005 Instrumentation Errors eLearning
CVA003 Fundamentals & Selection eLearning
CVA004 Sizing & Installation eLearning
ELS006 Industrial Electricity: Generators and Motors eLearning
ELS007 Industrial Electricity: AC Motor Control and Current Measurement eLearning
EMS001 Solid-State Devices eLearning
EMS009 Gas Chromatograph Ovens & Controllers eLearning
EMS010 Electronic Maintenance Spectroscopic Analysis eLearning
EMS011 Electrocemical Analyzers eLearning
EMS012 Instrument Loop Troubleshooting eLearning
F80030 Installing Shutoff Valves eLearning
F80040 Maintaining Shutoff Valves eLearning
HDL001 Harnessing Hydraulic Power eLearning
HDL002 The Hydraulic Circuit eLearning
HDL003 Hydraulic Pumps & Actuators eLearning
HDL004 Control Valves eLearning
HDL005 Hydraulic Fluid eLearning
HDL006 Hydraulics - System Safety & Maintenance eLearning
HDL007 The Hydraulics System Troubleshooting eLearning
IDH001 Basic Principles & Application eLearning
IDH003 Function & Operating Principles eLearning
INS001 Operator Inspection: Pneumatic System Inspection eLearning
INS002 Operator Inspection: Vacuum System Inspection eLearning
INS003 Operator Inspection: Air Compression System Inspection eLearning
INS006 Motor Drive System Inspection eLearning
INS007 Best Drive, Chain Drive & Gear Box Inspection eLearning
MCT001 Safety Procedures & Guidelines eLearning
MCT002 Hand Tools & Their Uses eLearning
MCT003 The Use of Measuring Tools eLearning
MCT004 Vertical Milling Machine eLearning
MCT005 Vernier Caliper & Vernier Protract eLearning
MCT006 The Pedestal Grinder eLearning
MCT007 Sharpening Drill Bits By Hand & Machine eLearning
MCT008 Drill Presses Sensitive & Radial eLearning
MCT009 Drill Press Operations eLearning
MCT010 Vertical Band Saws Parts & Operation eLearning
MDR001 Belt Drives eLearning
MDR002 Chain Drives eLearning
MEC002 Mechanical Electrical Control Systems: Creating Schematics                                   eLearning
MEC004 Mechanical Electrical Control Systems: Design and Troubleshooting                               eLearning
MPR001 Maintenance Principles eLearning, DVD
MSM001 Types Principles & Functions eLearning
MSM003 Diagnostics & Troubleshooting eLearning
MTD003 Variable Speed AC Drives eLearning
MTD004 Servo & Stepper Motors eLearning
MTR001 Motor Controls: Basic Motor Controls and Relays                                eLearning
MTR002 Motor Controls: Overload Relays eLearning
MTR003 Motor Controls: Time Delay Relays                                  eLearning
MTR004 Motor Controls: Schematic Symbols                                    eLearning
MTR005 Motor Controls: Schematics and Wiring Diagrams                                    eLearning
MTR006 Motor Controls: Starting Methods for Squirrel Cage Motors                                   eLearning
MTR007 Motor Controls: Wye-Delta, Synchronous and Wound Rotor Controls                                    eLearning
MTR008 Motor Controls: Installing and Troubleshooting Control Systems                          eLearning
NTG001 Energy Smarts DVD
OIL001 Machinery Oil Analysis: Fundamentals and Methods                               eLearning
OPT001 Quantity Physical Characteristics eLearning
OPT002 Properties of Fluid eLearning
PLC001 PLCs: Fundamentals                                 eLearning
PLC002 PLCs: Programming                             eLearning
PLC003 PLCs: Inputs and Outputs                               eLearning
PLC004 PLCs: Troubleshooting                          eLearning
PLC005 PLCs: Communications and Advanced Programming                          eLearning
PME001 Process Measurement: Temperature 1 - Thermometers and Thermocouples eLearning
PME002 Process Measurement: Temperature 2 - Resistance and Radiation Devices eLearning
PME003 Process Measurement: Pressure 1 - Manometers and Gages eLearning
PME004 Process Measurement: Pressure 2 - Indicators and Transmitters eLearning
PME005 Process Measurement: Level 1 - Level Measurement and Gages eLearning
PME006 Process Measurement: Level 2 - Leveal Indicators and Transmitters eLearning
PME007 Process Measurement: Flow 1 - Flow Measurement eLearning
PME008 Process Measurement: Flow 2 - Flow Sensors eLearning
PUM004 Troubleshooting & Disassembly eLearning
PUM005 Reassembly & Installation eLearning
RIG002 Rigging: Operations                                           eLearning
SJC001 Shaft Joint & Coupling Devices eLearning
THM001 Thermography: Basic Operation                                              eLearning
THM002 Thermography: Operating Procedures and Implementation                        eLearning
THM003 Thermography: Practical Applications                            eLearning
USA001 Basic Principles eLearning
USA002 Leak Detection eLearning
USA003 Mechanical & Electrical Inspection eLearning
VAC001 AC Induction Motors Part I                                  eLearning
VAC002 AC Induction Motors Part II                                  eLearning
VBR004 Vibration Analysis: Preparing for Data Collection                 eLearning
VBR005 Vibration Analysis: The Data Processing System                    eLearning
VBR006 Vibration Analysis: Data Collection                      eLearning

Government Courses

BBP036 Bloodborne Pathogens: Protecting Law Enforcement DVD
ERG014 Strains & Sprains: A Public Concern DVD
MED001 Media Relations for Law Enforcement DVD
MTV007 Defensive Driving for Government Workers                           DVD
MTV008 Emergency Response Driving                                   DVD
MTV010 Defensive Driving: 15 Passenger Vans DVD
PPE013 PPE: Reality in the Public Sector DVD