Gaging & Measurement: Procedures & Operation

Gaging & Measurement: Procedures & Operation is part two of the Gaging & Measurement two-part training series.

Course objectives include:

  • Define diameter, depth, thickness, profile, alignment, roundness, thread pitch, surface finish, hardness, torque, and angle
  • Identify the types of gages used to measure each dimension or property listed above
  • Describe the proper operating procedure for each gage
  • Describe the types of physical dimensions that each gage is capable of measuring
  • Interpret the reading of each gage.

Course menu:

Diameter, Depth, and Thickness Gages

  • Cylindrical Plug Gages
  • Snap Gages
  • Flush Pin Gages
  • Pneumatic Gages
  • Dial Bore Gages
  • Dial Calipers
  • Micrometers

Roundness and Thread Pitch Gages

  • Thread Plug Gages
  • Thread Ring Gages
  • Indicator Fixture Gages

Profile and Angle Gages

  • Templates
  • Sight Gages

Location Gages and Torque Wrenches

  • Location Gages
  • Torque Wrenches

Hardness and Surface Finish Gages

  • Rockwell Hardness Gages
  • Surface Analyzers

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