Food Safety: Maintenance & Sanitation

Food safety is not just the responsibility of food handlers. Everyone in the facility, including maintenance and sanitation workers, must work together to produce clean and sanitary food. The equipment and facilities that these workers maintain, and the surfaces they clean and sanitize can carry all kinds of pathogens.

Each employee has the potential to introduce viruses and pathogens into the food production line, but with the right procedures in place, employees have the ability to prevent this from happening as well.

Food Safety: Maintenance and Sanitation informs non-food handlers of the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) designed to help them do their part in delivering high quality and safe food products to customers.

What is a GMP?

  • Adhering to GMPs and SSOPs in Maintenance and Sanitation

GMPs for Non-Food Handlers

  • Disease Control and Personal Hygiene
  • Maintenance Worker GMPs
  • Sanitation Worker GMPs

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