Fieldbus Process Control 14-Part Series

Produced in conjunction with The Fieldbus Center at Lee College, this 14-part training series is designed to train operators and technicians on FOUNDATION™ fieldbus systems. The first two programs can also be used as an introduction to help organizations learn about and evaluate the transition to fieldbus.

The Fieldbus Process Control series is designed for instrumentation operators and technicians as well as any employee whose work involves the operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of fieldbus systems. The series is also an effective way for fieldbus device manufacturers to train their salesforce on fieldbus basics.

eLearning courses include:

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Fieldbus: Fieldbus Curriculum OverviewIntroduces the basics of fieldbus technology and illustrates a simple application of a fieldbus segment.

Fieldbus: The Road To FieldbusExplains the history of fieldbus instrumentation.

Fieldbus: Fieldbus WiringIntroduces simple bus wiring – including wire types, components, installation, and limitations.

Fieldbus: Fieldbus DevicesExplores the various types of devices that can be used in fieldbus systems.

Fieldbus: Introduction To ConfigurationBegins with an overview of configuration and continues with concepts such as device description, virtual field device, and others that help explain how devices communicate.

Fieldbus: Introduction To Control StrategyLooks at control options then configures a strategy for basic automatic control. Introduces new types of function blocks and new parameters within the function blocks.

Fieldbus: Control StrategyDemonstrates how to configure an alarm block that uses discrete "on-off" control.

Fieldbus: Data Flow & CommunicationsCovers the three different types of data communications – Publisher-Subscriber, Source-Sink, and Client-Server.

Fieldbus: Fieldbus CalibrationReviews the basics of calibrating instruments and explains how this information is entered into the transducer block for a particular device.

Fieldbus: OPCExplains what Object Linking and Embedding for Process Control "OPC" is and why it is important to fieldbus.

Fieldbus: Introduction To TroubleshootingCovers the tools used for troubleshooting fieldbus systems and typical system failures.

Fieldbus: TroubleshootingGives valuable experience on how to approach and analyze faults in the field.

Fieldbus: Fieldbus MaintenanceProvides a broad overview of instrument system maintenance.

Fieldbus: Maintenance ExercisesFocuses on real life maintenance chores that may be encountered in the field.

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