Fieldbus: Introduction To Configuration

Fieldbus: Introduction to Configuration is part five of the Fieldbus Process Control 14-part training series.

The course begins with an overview of configuration and continues with concepts such as device description, virtual field device, and others that help explain how devices communicate. It examines a procedure for configuring a simple device and setting basic parameters. Finally, additional configuration tools that can be used to set up fieldbus systems are introduced.

Course objectives include:

  • Identify the different types of configuration required in fieldbus
  • Define the basic parameters for resource, transducer, and function blocks (AI, AO, and PID)
  • Identify how function blocks are linked in a control situation
  • Perform a simple configuration
  • Recognize how to launch the programs and set up projects for different configuration tools
  • Identify the procedures to assign tags and permanent network addresses
  • Set parameters and control strategies
  • Associate commands, icons, menus, and screen designs for different software packages
  • Document "As Is" data in an engineering database.
Course menu:

Configuration Overview
  • What is Configuration?
  • Device Configuration
Configuring Fieldbus Devices
  • Configuration Procedure
  • Configuring the Resource Block
  • Configuring the Transducer Block
  • Configuring the Function Blocks
  • Configuring a Control Loop
Host Systems
  • System Features

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