Fieldbus: Data Flow & Communications

Fieldbus: Data Flow & Communications is part eight of the Fieldbus Process Control 14-part training series.

The course covers the three different types of data communications — Publisher-Subscriber, Source-Sink, and Client-Server. It also takes a closer look at the role the Link Active Scheduler (LAS) plays in scheduling communications across the bus and how the entire system works together at the millisecond level to achieve fully distributed fieldbus control.

Course objectives include:

  • Recognize the three fieldbus data communications models
  • Specify the applications of each communication method
  • Describe the role of the Link Active Scheduler in the communication process
  • Identify how time is scheduled at the macro cycle level.
Course menu:

Network Communications
  • The OSI Model
  • The Fieldbus Model
Communication Types
  • Client-Server
  • Report Distribution
  • Publisher-Subscriber
Scheduling Communications
  • Link Active Scheduler
  • Macrocycle Scheduling

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