Electronic Maintenance: Controllers, Indicators & Recorders

Electronic Maintenance: Controllers, Indicators & Recorders is part six of the Electronic Maintenance 12-part training series.

Produced in conjunction with ISA — The Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society (ISA™) — the course covers:

  • Analog controller types and functions
  • Controller calibration and troubleshooting
  • Indicators and annunciators
  • Types and functions of recorders
  • Troubleshooting recorders.
Course menu:

Analog Controllers
  • Introduction and Functions in Control Loops
  • Types of Controllers
  • Types of Control Modes and Components
  • Functions of Components
Controller Calibration and Troubleshooting
  • Calibrating Display Indicator
  • Calibrating Alarm Indictor
  • Calibrating Control Module
  • Troubleshooting Controllers
Indicators and Annunciators
  • Features of Indicators
  • Control Buttons
  • Functions and Types
  • Chart Replacement Method
  • Inking Systems
  • Verification and Troubleshooting

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