Electronic Maintenance 12-Part Series

Produced in conjunction with ISA — The Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society (ISA™) — this 12-part training series will introduce students to concepts and devices associated with solid-state electronic circuitry as well as an understanding of the components associated with process control and integrated circuitry.

eLearning courses included:

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Electronic Maintenance: Solid State DevicesCovers PN junction transistors, bipolar junction transistors, and more.

Electronic Maintenance: Integrated Circuits & Op AmpsCovers integrated circuits and operational amplifiers, negative feedback, and more.

Electronic Maintenance: Sensor & Transducer PrinciplesCovers temperature, pressure, level flow, and weight sensors as well as current-to-pneumatic "I/P" transducers, electronic transducers, and more.

Electronic Maintenance: TransmittersCovers transmitter operation, pressure transmitter troubleshooting, RTD transmitter operation and calibration, and more.

Electronic Maintenance: TransducersCovers transducer operation, maintenance, and calibration as well as pneumatics and electronic troubleshooting and maintenance.

Electronic Maintenance: Controllers, Indicators & RecordersCovers analog controller types and functions, controller calibration and troubleshooting, indicators and annunciators&amp, and more.

Electronic Maintenance: TuningCovers controller tuning and preliminary steps, proper controller settings, and more.

Electronic Maintenance: Sampling Systems & Gas Chromatograph ValvesCovers the operating principles of a single- and multi-stream sampling system, interpretation of a chromatograph, troubleshooting components, and more.

Electronic Maintenance: Gas Chromatograph Ovens & ControllersCovers the inspection, components, operation, and maintenance of thermal conductivity detectors.

Electronic Maintenance: Spectroscopic AnalyzersCovers operating principles, configurations, assembly, repair, and cleaning of ultraviolet, visible, and infrared analyzers.

Electronic Maintenance: Electrochemical AnalyzersCovers the functions of pH sensor components and conductivity sensors as well as maintenance and calibration.

Electronic Maintenance: Instrument Loop TroubleshootingCovers designing a troubleshooting plan, the application of techniques in a temperature and flow control system, and using a distributed control system.

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