Electronic Circuits: Basic Principles

Electronic Circuits: Basic Principles is part one of the Electronic Circuits three-part training series.

Course objectives include:

  • Define voltage, current, and resistance in operational terms
  • Calculate voltage, current, and resistance drops in series and parallel circuits
  • Identify the operation of capacitors in series and parallel circuits and calculate related circuit values
  • Describe the action of magnetic fields in inductors and how to calculate the inductance of series and parallel circuits
  • Calculate sine wave values
  • Describe the relationship between current and voltage in resistive, capacitive, and inductive circuits.

Course menu:

Basic Quantities of Electrical Circuits

  • Voltage, Current, and Resistance
  • Ohm's Law

Series and Parallel Circuits

  • Series Circuits
  • Parallel Circuits


  • Operating Principles
  • Calculating Capacitance

Electromagnetism and Inductance

  • Electromagnetism
  • Inductance

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