Implementation Services

Implementation Services

DuPont Sustainable Solutions offers a variety of implementation support along with training sessions at your location or our Virginia Beach office so you can quickly realize the return on your investment.

Implementation Assistance

A dedicated Project Manager is provided to assist in planning a new Learning Management System implementation.

Learning Management System Training for Administrator

Two to four days of training about the initial setup and branding, global and course options, reporting, curriculum creation and how to customize off-the-shelf courseware. In addition, four-hour blocks of phone follow-up training is available to provide a refresher on the LMS features.

Authoring Tool Training

Two training days on how to create new courses from scratch and modify existing course storyboards. Topics include creating storyboards, importing customer assets (company logo, etc.), course menu, changing options, and modifying questions.

SCORM Courseware

Interactive courseware may be installed into a customer’s Learning Management System or other training software, giving the ability to share test scores between software. We can also install third-party courseware into the DSS LMS to assign and track it alongside our interactive courseware.

User Profile Import

Importing an employee list into the Learning Management System to create and update user profiles.

Scheduled User Profile Import

Importing an employee list, that was posted to an SFTP by an internal customer HRIS, into the Learning Management System to create and update user profiles on a customer’s preferred schedule.

Scheduled Training Data Export

Exporting employee training completion data to an SFTP on a customer’s preferred schedule that can be retrieved by an internal HRIS or other application.

Historical Data Import

Importing historical training completions into the Learning Management System for streamlined record keeping and easy reporting, as well as using those completion dates as triggers for new course assignments.

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