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They Make Things Happen And They Made Safety Happen

A Manufacturing Company Shares Their Safety Success Story

They Make Things Happen And They Made Safety Happen

Working with DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS), Cascade Engineering reduced their significant injury rates to 3.01, with only 10 injuries and 0 lost days in 2017, and turned safety into everyone’s responsibility.

“People are really holding one another accountable,” shares Sharon Darby, Director of Environmental, Safety and Sustainability at Cascade Engineering.

In a FREE one-hour webinar-interview on October 8, 2020, 2 pm EST, Sharon will discuss how STOP® helped Cascade transform the way employees perceive and practice safety - and how they communicate about it.

  • Enabling employees to talk to each other-constantly-about safety
  • Changing attitudes and behaviors
  • Deploying job hazard assessments and safety incentives
  • Implementing a holistic safety communications plan

“DuPont Sustainable Solutions offers…a structured program that helps our employees feel comfortable learning new ways to work more safely,” adds Sharon. “We needed the outside expertise of DSS to help this happen... to achieve our goal of further injury reduction.”


  • Sharon Darby

    Sharon Darby

    Director of Environmental Safety and Sustainability at Cascade Engineering

    Sharon Darby has been with Cascade Engineering for over twenty years. She plays an integral part of the organization’s Triple Bottom Line culture, leading Safety and Environmental initiatives, including LEED and bicycle-friendly business. She combines her safety and operational expertise with HR experience, having led diversity and anti-racism projects over the years. The village president of Saranac, MI, she has an MBA in Strategic Management from Davenport University, among many other certifications.

  • Ken Adam

    Ken Adam

    Sales Director DSS

    For over 15 years, Ken Adam has transformed the behavior of thousands throughout the United States, sharing the practical skills that have helped them lead safer lives. His secret lies in his dynamic, clear presentation style; his application of adult-learning concepts; and a commitment to ensure every participant is a stakeholder in the learning process.