If you asked your employees for HONEST feedback on your LMS, how do you think they would respond?


You might hear things like…

“It would be nice if our LMS could track all the different types of learning we support, including our in-person and virtual instructor-led events.”

“The interface is a little outdated.”

“Analytics tools are limited.”

“It would be better to have options to customize content to fit our specific organization.”

“We can't really integrate our LMS with the other programs we use.”

“It's difficult to manage learners and make sure our training is effective.”

It's unfortunate, but it's a fact…

Most learning management systems in today's market come with inherent issues that prevent employees from fully engaging with the training they need to minimize risk, maximize performance, and enhance safety behaviors.

When employees aren't engaged in their training…

  • There's a lack of course completion which can lead to a gap in learning.
  • Turnover can increase due to lack of perceived investment in employee development.
  • And an overall higher potential for workplace incidents.

Isn't it time for a better LMS?

What if a learning management system could offer you…

The ability to create, schedule, and track blended learning events… to ensure a fully blended learning experience for your employees.

Customizable content libraries… so you can guide employee engagement to the industry specific training they need to stay safe and productive.

Built-in course creation… allowing your leaders to develop impactful materials, customized to organizational needs.

Reporting, assessment, survey, and analytics tools… that make it easy to track learners, monitor progress, AND celebrate success.

Social learning experiences and gamification through achievements, badges, and leaderboards… building excitement and engaging multiple generations of learners.

An extensive library of APIs… connecting applications across your ecosystem for a seamless, fully integrated experience.

The highest level of cyber security… keeping your people and your organization protected.

The new dss+ LMS powered by SAP Litmos offers the latest in LMS technology supported by the best training content.

Backed by dss+'s award-winning content library of over 800 titles of interactive courseware addressing safety, compliance, and maintenance and reliability, as well as our suite of microlearning content that provides impactful, lifesaving lessons in under five minutes.

This is a better LMS.

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