STOP® Overview Webinar

Improving Your Culture through Observation & Communication: The STOP® Program

Observe. Communicate. Protect. Discover the role of observation and communication with workplace safety with this webinar.

Leverage the power of communication and boost your safety culture with DuPont Sustainable Solutions’ Safety Training Observation Program (STOP®).

For over fifty years, STOP® has helped thousands of organizations:

  • Sharpen employees’ safety awareness
  • Shift mindsets and attitudes
  • Transform behaviors

The FREE one-hour webinar will discuss:

  • STOP®: A Success Story
  • Defining a Safety Culture
  • The "Why" of Safety
  • The Bradley Curve™: Measuring Safety Culture
  • Gauging Safety Awareness: The Safety Perception Survey
  • STOP®: Principles and Practices
  • Seeing Safety
  • STOP DataPro®: Analyzing Safety Metrics
  • STOP® Implementation

Empower employees to own their and others' safety with STOP®, and develop a proactive, collaborative culture that transforms how safety is practiced in your organization.

Contact us for additional information or register to attend a STOP® overview free webinar!

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