• Virtual Instructor-Led Training

    Virtual Instructor-Led Training

    Strengthen your safety culture with interactive workshops delivered virtually. Learn more

  • STOP® Overview Webinars

    STOP® Overview Webinar

    During this one-hour session, you'll discover the award-winning DSS Safety Training Observation Program or STOP®. Learn more

  • STOP® Implementation Assistance Workshops

    STOP® Implementation Assistance Workshops

    This intensive two-day train-the-trainer workshop prepares leaders to implement the STOP® program at their workplace. Register Now! Learn more

  • STOP® Refresher Training Workshop

    DSS STOP® Refresher Training Workshop

    This four-hour workshop reviews key points of the DSS STOP® program and provides a refresher on conducting observations. Learn more

  • STOP® Overview Factsheet

    STOP® Overview Factsheet

    Get an overview of the STOP® principles and a brief synopsis of the different STOP® programs. Learn more

  • STOP® Brochure

    STOP® Brochure

    A comprehensive look at the STOP® programs, STOP DataPro®, implementation methods and resources, workshop dates, and available languages. Learn more

  • STOP DataPro® Brochure

    STOP DataPro® Brochure

    A quick look at the features and benefits of the STOP DataPro® web-based application and new mobile app. Learn more


For more than 30 years, DSS STOP® has helped organizations prevent injuries by increasing safety awareness and helping people talk with each other about safety. Thousands of companies and government organizations worldwide have realized not only the human benefits of this program but also the impact in real dollars and cents.

STOP® programs are based on tested principles that have been proven to help reduce incidents and injuries. They use a combination of methods to give people the information, skills and willingness to work more safely, to maximize their learning and to apply what they learn to the real world.

Behavior-based safety training programs are available for both supervisors and employees and include:

STOP® for Supervision A comprehensive, behavior-based safety program, STOP® for Supervision establishes the framework for the entire STOP® series. It teaches managers, supervisors and team leaders how to observe people as they work. By talking with people to acknowledge safe acts and correct unsafe acts, workers are encouraged to follow safe work practices.

STOP® for Each Other STOP® for Each Other is based on the idea that safety is the responsibility of everyone equally. It helps participants look at safety in a new way, so they can help themselves and their co-workers work safely. The program encourages a mindset where safety is a discussion that takes place every day, not just when completing a formal observation.

STOP DataPro® STOP DataPro® is a secure, web-based application that makes it easy to record and analyze safety performance data and also generate reports. Insights derived from this application provide managers with knowledge that can be acted upon to improve behavioral safety training programs at your organization. Identifying trends and tracking corrective actions are all possible through STOP DataPro®.

STOP® Implementation Assistance Workshops STOP® Implementation Assistance Workshops were designed to train the trainer. By preparing leaders in your organization to implement the STOP® behavioral safety program, you can get the best return on your STOP® investment and you will help build a strong foundation for the STOP® rollout across your organization. The workshop is perfect for up to 20 participants, but you may also attend one of our scheduled open sessions.

STOP® Implementation Resources STOP® Implementation Resources provide on-site STOP® experts to work with your facility, augmenting your on-site resources and bringing valuable knowledge and experience to STOP® meetings and field activities.

STOP® Assessment Service Finally, the STOP® Assessment Service assesses how effective the STOP® program is in your workplace. We will send a DSS STOP® expert to your organization to observe the implementation of the processes. A workshop will be conducted for your management leaders and supervisors on effective ways to improve all current observation and audit processes.

Join the thousands of companies and government organizations worldwide that have not only reduced incidents but changed their safety culture with DSS STOP®. See for yourself how DSS helps to provide people with the safest workplace possible. Contact us for more information or to get started!

Case Studies

  • Emerson's Rosemount™ - DSS STOP®


    The award-winning STOP® safety training observation program from DSS provides a path to workplace safety excellence at Emerson’s Rosemount™ measurement and analytical technologies. Learn more

  • Cascade Engineering - Engineering A Path To Workplace Safety Excellence Through Employee Engagement

    Cascade Engineering

    Cascade Engineering and DuPont Sustainable Solutions utilized several tactics – including employee recognition, incentives and DSS STOP® programs – to transform culture, develop skills, reduce incidents and ultimately improve operational performance. Learn more

  • Knife River - DSS STOP® Behavior-Based Safety Program

    Knife River

    Learn how STOP® training programs help reduce injuries and incidents at Knife River Corp. and how employees are taking the training home with them. Learn more

  • Moen - DSS STOP® Behavior-Based Safety Training

    Moen Incorporated

    Learn how STOP DataPro® enhances Moen's STOP® program overall. Learn more

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