DSS Energy Efficiency: Energy Management Best Practices

DSS Energy Efficiency: Energy Management Best Practices is part two of the DSS Energy Efficiency 16-part training series featuring DSS owner-operator content.

The course discusses the problems that limit energy performance in a facility or plant site. It explains the organizational, leadership, and analytical considerations that are important to establish an effective energy management program. Finally, it covers how energy helps determine the competitiveness of products in the marketplace.

Course objectives include:

  • Establish effective energy management program leadership
  • Evaluate existing equipment using energy performance ratios
  • Calculate an hourly operations cost
  • Identify and eliminate the defects that limit energy efficiency
  • Understand the importance of linking performance improvements to business benefits.

Course menu:

Establishing a Site Energy Team and Training Program

Understanding Energy Efficiency and Taking Action

  • Measuring Energy Use
  • Understanding Energy Efficiency
  • Judging Performance and Taking Action

Knowing the Costs and Eliminating Defects

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