DSS Energy Efficiency: Boilers & Auxiliaries

DSS Energy Efficiency: Boilers & Auxiliaries is part six of the DSS Energy Efficiency 16-part training series featuring DSS owner-operator content.

This course covers steam boilers and common boiler auxiliary equipment, including superheaters, economizers, air heaters, and feedwater systems. It explains fundamental design and operating parameters and provides guidance for safe, reliable, and efficient operation.

Course objectives include:

  • Exercise proper safety precautions when working with steam boilers and boiler auxiliary equipment
  • Operate various boilers and superheaters
  • Use economizers
  • Identify and compare the two types of air heaters and various draft-producing equipment
  • Identify and compare the systems and equipment used to control, pump, and heat feedwater
  • Apply specific best practices for energy efficiency to boilers and auxiliaries.

Course menu:

Safety Considerations

Boilers, Superheaters, and Economizers

  • Boilers
  • Superheaters
  • Economizers

Air Heaters and Draft Equipment

  • Air Heaters
  • Draft Equipment

Feedwater Control Systems, Pumping, and Heating

  • Feedwater Control Systems
  • Feedwater Pumping
  • Feedwater Heating
  • Other Considerations

Best Practices

  • Boilers and Auxiliaries Best Practices

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