ControlLogix: Introduction To The ControlLogix PLC Family

ControlLogix: Introduction to the ControlLogix PLC Family is part one of the ControlLogix 6-part training series.

Programmable logic controllers can control simple machines to complex industrial processes. They can be used to help debug and troubleshoot systems and make the overall manufacturing process more efficient. This course introduces the ControlLogix PLC family, including system components, controllers, network communications, local input and output modules, and basic hardware components.

Course objectives include:

  • Understand how ControlLogix PLCs can share data with other devices in a plant
  • Identify the basic hardware components of a ControlLogix system and describe their functions, including the chassis, power supply, controller, communication modules, I/O modules, and status indicators
  • Configure, install, and remove modules.

Course menu:

PLC System

  • ControlLogix System
  • ControlLogix Controller
  • Communication Network
  • Local Input/Output Modules
Introduction to the ControlLogix Hardware
  • Basic Hardware Components
  • Working with Modules

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