ControlLogix: Basic Instructions

ControlLogix: Basic Instructions is part four of the ControlLogix 6-part training series.

The course introduces and explains the purpose of Bit, Timer/Counter, Compare, Move/Logical, and Math Conversion basic ControlLogix instructions.

Course objectives include:

  • Understand the possible positions for Bit instructions
  • Understand and use Timer instructions TON, TOF, and RTO
  • Understand and use Counter instructions CTU, CTD, and RES
  • Examine Compare instructions EQU, NEQ, LES, LEQ, GRT, GEQ, and LIM
  • Understand the value of Move/Logical instructions MOV and CLR
  • Understand Math Conversion instructions TOD and FRD.

Course menu:

Bit Instructions

  • Basic Explanations of Bit Instructions
Timer/Counter Instructions
  • Timer Instructions
  • Counter Instructions
Compare Instructions
  • Basic Explanation of Compare Instructions
Move/Logical Instructions
  • Explanation of Move/Logical Instructions
Math Conversion Instructions
  • Explanation of Math Conversion Instructions

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