ControlLogix: Advanced Programming & Analog Devices

ControlLogix: Advanced Programming & Analog Devices is part five of the ControlLogix 6-part training series.

The course introduces advanced programming techniques using program control instructions. It also covers analog devices and analog module configuration.

Course objectives include:

  • Use the JMP and LBL instructions
  • Modify an existing program to create two routines
  • Modify the subroutines
  • Create a subroutine that cycles from bottom to top
  • Understand how analog devices differ from discrete modules
  • Configure analog modules
  • Control output channel behavior with the output state tab
  • Set alarms for input and output modules
  • Calibrate input and output modules.

Course menu:

Program Control Instructions

  • Basic Explanations of Program Control Instructions
  • Using Program Control Instructions
Analog Devices
  • Basic Explanations of Analog Devices
  • Analog Module Configuration
  • Output State
  • Setting Alarms
  • Analog Module Calibration

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