ControlLogix 6-Part Series

This six-part training series will help students master ControlLogix systems. The courses begin with an overview of system architecture and RSLogix 5000, the programming environment. Students will learn to create projects, work with tags, and add and edit ladder logic elements. In later courses, basic instructions are covered to meet the training needs of both programmers and maintenance personnel. Finally, students will learn advanced programming and troubleshooting techniques.

The ControlLogix series is designed for new electronics students who have little to no knowledge of the field. All the terms used are explained or defined throughout the courses, so students are not required to have an electronics vocabulary to understand the content.

eLearning courses included:

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ControlLogix: Introduction To The ControlLogix PLC FamilyIntroduces the ControlLogix PLC family, including system components, controllers, network communications, local input and output modules, and basic hardware components.

ControlLogix: Introduction to RSLogix 5000 SoftwareIdentifies RSLogix as the communication link between RSLogix 5000 and PLC controllers and introduces basic project structure.

ControlLogix: Creating & Using Tags & the Program EditorCovers tags in detail, including how they are created, monitored, and edited.

ControlLogix: Basic InstructionsIntroduces Bit, Timer/Counter, Compare, Move/Logical, and Math Conversion basic ControlLogix instructions.

ControlLogix: Advanced Programming & Analog DevicesCovers advanced programming techniques as well as analog devices and analog module configuration.

ControlLogix: PLC TroubleshootingIntroduces ControlLogix troubleshooting and the tools used to troubleshoot controller faults and I/O modules.

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