Continuous Process Control: Applications Of Distillation Control

Continuous Process Control: Applications of Distillation Control is part three of the Continuous Process Control four-part training series.

Produced in conjunction with ISA — The Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society (ISA™) — the course identifies the process components of distillation control and examines some of the theories of operation.

Course objectives include:

  • Identify the process components of a distillation control system
  • Describe the basic operation of the components of a distillation control system
  • Explain why maintaining a good produce composition is an important function of the distillation column
  • Describe the variables that affect distillation and produce composition
  • Explain why control of the reflux system is a function of the distillation column
  • Identify the impact of maintaining a proper phase relationship of the column contents
  • Describe the process for controlling heat in the system to include temperature and pressure control as well as column feed, column bottoms, and column temperature control
  • Describe how the process for transporting condensate from the column to the accumulator is controlled.
Course menu:

Basic Operation in Distillation
  • Functions of Components
  • Maintaining Product Composition
  • Vapor Pressure in Components
  • Controlling Pressure and Temperature
Reflux Stream
  • Features of Reflux Stream
  • Controlling Reflux Stream and Bottoms
Controlling Heat in System
  • Temperature Control in Reboiler
  • Pressure Control
  • Working of Column Feed Control
  • Control of Column Bottoms
  • Control of Column Temperature
Controlling Transport of Condensate
  • Flow of Condensate
  • Control of Reflux Rate

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