World Class Production

World Class Production

Every day, your workforce is inundated with content on numerous social media outlets, streaming services, movies and on television. They are engaged and engrossed by the quality of content like one would never dream of producing for internal communications. You do not have to dream about tapping this powerful means of inspiration because at DSS, that is exactly what we can do.

The process of making a major motion-picture or television series requires state of the art soundstages, 3D animation bays, and modern recording studios. Hollywood employs the best writers and designers who can make stories come to life. You may think these resources are out of reach or too costly for your corporate communications. Think again.

The DSS team can be at your disposal to make communications your workforce will never forge.

Our world-class production team, and the facilities they work in, stack up with anything you would find in Hollywood, New York, or Nashville. Our team members have resumes that include the biggest movie studios and record companies in the world.

Your organization will possess the ability to make creative content to rival anything your workforce is seeing at home or in the movie theater. This gives you the ability to communicate with them in the language they are accustomed to with a strong emotional connection. This is the “secret sauce” that gets your messages right into the heart of your employees. Together we will have everyone sitting on the edge of their seats, listening and engaged.

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