Creative Brief

Creative Brief

The creative brief is the foundation of any successful creative campaign. It outlines the leadership’s vision and ensures that everyone is on the same page. In many ways, the creative brief is the cornerstone of success for any branding campaign.

The DSS Creative Brief we will deliver a holistic, strategic plan for safety AND a powerful internal safety brand / identity that instills a culture of pride and commitment, building upon the rich history of the organization, combined with the aspirations of the company’s vision, mission, and values.

Building off the information gathered from the Focus Groups, Executive Blue-Sky and the Blue-Sky Workshops, DSS will develop a strategic plan, identity, branding, and creative concepts for safety engagement.

This work will also build an understanding of affective messaging, change management methods, and communications development frameworks to support a cultural transformation.

The newly developed safety brand and logo concepts will be presented in the creative brief. The brief will also detail the strategy to effectively launch and sustain the brand throughout the workforce. Additionally, the brief will be present observations and challenges that were discovered through the process providing quick wins for organization. It will be presented in both a PDF document as well as a live, dynamic, interactive PowerPoint® presentation.

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