Brand Launch Event

Brand Launch Event

As the saying goes, “your first shot is your best shot when it comes to communication.” When presenting something as important as your new safety brand, it’s not only what you say but how you say it which makes all the difference. DSS will show you how.

The lights go down as anticipation rises. Music begins to fill the room and your organization will know something special is about to happen.

Ask our clients and you will hear, DSS Brand Launch Events are something to behold. While no two launch events are ever the same, your new safety brand is the star of the show. Before it’s revealed, your workforce will hear from the heart of your top-level senior leaders. Between the beautifully crafted videos and speeches from leaders, everyday safety heroes from your company are highlighted and their stories are celebrated.

All of these elements work together to honor your rich history as an organization and celebrate your recommitment to safety.

As the event reaches a crescendo, your world-class Brand-Reveal-Media shows your workforce the words they will be living by for many years to come. A brand identity that was created by them, for them.

DSS knows how to consult, inspire, convey and create. DSS also knows how to put on a show worthy of your new brand. With a team that has countless years doing top quality work in the entertainment centers of Hollywood, New York, and Nashville, you have the best-of-the-best making sure your employees know exactly the importance of this new brand. It’s a day they’ll never forget.

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