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Communication and Branding

DuPont Sustainable Solutions' approach to using feelings and emotions to elevate safety

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Behavioral Change: It's All About the Heart

We know that rules and regulations along with policies and procedures are not only important but they are essential for running an efficient, productive, and safe organization. However, research shows that alone they are not enough to transform safety cultures.

We need to give the workforce a reason to use these rules and regulations and follow the policies and procedures. DuPont Sustainable Solutions is now helping clients communicate by design.

Advertisers have long known that emotions play a huge role in influencing people’s decisions and behaviors. And the last 25 years of neuroscience research has shown that emotions are intimately tied to and interact in complex ways with thought- and decision-making processes; and that ultimately, to change people’s behavior you must change how they feel.

From Affective Thinking to Effective Action

From Affective Thinking to Effective Action

How can organizations develop this kind of emotive and effective communication? DuPont Sustainable Solutions' Communication and Branding Service mobilizes the insights of affective psychology to help businesses think "affectively" and develop safety messages that tug at the heart of and resonate with employees.

Working in partnership with our Communication and Branding consultants, organizations can develop memorable multimedia safety communications that cleverly combine DATA, NARRATIVE, and IMAGE to reach the “Impact Zone,” change attitudes, and transform behaviors.

From Hollywood to Your Workplace: Meet our Branding Consultants

From Hollywood to Your Workplace: Meet our Branding Consultants

DSS' Communication and Branding consulting team boasts years of experience in entertainment, marketing, and advertising. Deploying the tricks of these trades combined with DSS’ safety expertise, they can help organizations design and develop a diverse range of affective and effective safety communications. Many of these campaigns have won awards in the categories of safety, training, and employee communications.

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