CNC: Three-Axis Linear Milling & Circular Milling

CNC: Three-Axis Linear Milling & Circular Milling is part five of the Computer Numerical Control 15-part training series.

Two of the most useful machining functions on a CNC are moving a tool precisely along three axes simultaneously and circular or contour path milling. This course will introduce the program codes that make three axis linear milling and circular milling possible.

Course objectives include:

  • For three-axis linear milling, identify sequence numbers, program a tool change, and define a compound angle
  • For circular milling, define clockwise and counterclockwise milling; define the elements necessary for circular milling; determine the start point, end point, and direction of a circular path; and program a circular path.

Course menu:

Milling Operations

  • Linear Milling
  • Circular Milling

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