Boiler Operation & Control: Boiler Fuel & Air

Boiler Operation & Control: Boiler Fuel & Air is part four of the Boiler Operation & Control five-part training series.

The course teaches students about the different fuels used in boilers and the equipment that enables the use of these fuels.

Course objectives include:

  • Identify the three general groups of boiler fuels and the byproducts of each
  • Identify the physical characteristics of liquid and gaseous fuels and how their heat values are an efficient means for boiler systems
  • Describe the operating characteristics of the systems and equipment used for burning fuels, to include stoker, bunker, and hoppers
  • Describe combustion control, to include the proper rate of combustion, maintaining the proper air-fuel ratio, and responding to changes in steam demand.

Course menu:

Three Types of Boiler Fuels

  • Types, Characteristics, and Heat Values
Factors Needed to Control Combustion
  • Fuel and Air Systems, and Equipment
Combustion Control Systems
  • Premise of Combustion Control
  • Methods of Combustion Control

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