Basic Machine Technology: Vertical Band Saws - Parts, Accessories & Operation

Basic Machine Technology: Vertical Band Saws - Parts, Accessories & Operations is part 10 of the Basic Machine Technology 10-part training series.

The vertical band machine, often called the vertical band saw, is a versatile tool to a machinist. Using different bands, he can shape and finish parts by sawing, filing, or polishing. He can also cut internal or external contours on this machine. This course teaches students the different parts of the band saw, the accessories that can be used on the machine, and basic operational procedures.

The course covers:

  • Operation of a vertical band machine
  • Functions of a vertical band machine
  • Types of vertical band machines
  • Cutting internal and external contours.

Course menu:


  • General and Specific Safety Concerns

Vertical Band Machine Parts

  • Basic Parts
  • Description
  • Guides and Band Speed
  • Job Selector Wheel

Sawing Operations

  • Band Preparation and Welding
  • Annealing, Grinding, and Band Storage


  • Machine Setup and Installation of Saw Band
  • Cutting, Welding, and Grinding

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