Basic Machine Technology 10-Part Series

This 10-part training series will facilitate a basic understanding of the different tools commonly used in a machine shop. The series is designed to teach students how to identify the tools, the components, and how each is used for a particular job. While the entire series is designed to train the new machinist, the individual courses also offer experienced machinists the opportunity to review basic information on various tools such as milling machines, drill presses, band saws, grinders, and precision instruments.

The Basic Machine Technology series is designed for student machinists who have no prior experience using the different tools in a workshop. It does not assume any previous knowledge of machine shop protocol. All the terms used are defined or explained in the courses.

eLearning courses included:

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Basic Machine Technology: Safety Procedures & GuidelinesTeaches the safety procedures necessary to protect the machine operator, equipment, and coworkers.

Basic Machine Technology: Hand Tools & Their UseIdentifies the various hand tools commonly found in a machine shop and demonstrates how to use them properly.

Basic Machine Technology: The Use Of Measuring ToolsIdentifies various measuring tools and demonstrates their proper use.

Basic Machine Technology: The Vertical Milling Machine – Parts & OperationTeaches students how to control and operate the vertical milling machine properly and safely.

Basic Machine Technology: The Vernier Caliper & Vernier ProtractorIdentifies the parts and uses of the Vernier caliper and protractor.

Basic Machine Technology: The Pedestal GrinderTeaches students how to set up and operate a pedestal grinder safely.

Basic Machine Technology: Sharpening Drill Bits By Hand Or The Drill PressTeaches students how to use a pedestal grinder and a drill point grinding machine to sharpen drill bits accurately.

Basic Machine Technology: Drill Presses – Sensitive & Radial ArmIdentifies the basic parts of the sensitive and radial arm drill presses and their functions.

Basic Machine Technology: Drill Press OperationsTeaches students how to safely use a drill press and several different drilling operations performed with it.

Basic Machine Technology: Vertical Band Saws – Parts, Accessories & OperationTeaches the parts of the band saw, the accessories a machinist may use on the machine, and basic operational procedures.

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