Basic Machine Technology: Drill Press Operations

Basic Machine Technology: Drill Press Operations is part nine of the Basic Machine Technology 10-part training series.

A machinist should know how to perform the many operations that are completed on a drill press. This course is designed to show students these essential operations, including center drilling, straight drilling, and straight drilling counterboring, countersinking, reaming, and tapping.

The course covers:

  • Safety
  • Holding work
  • Drilling speed introduction
  • Spindle speed and feed rate
  • Positioning and securing a workpiece
  • Center and straight drilling
  • Counterboring and sinking
  • Reaming and tapping
  • Radial arm drilling.

Course menu:

Drill Press

  • General and Specific Safety Concerns
  • Drilling Operation Considerations

Drilling Operations

  • Positioning and Straight Drilling
  • Follow-Up Drilling
  • Radial Arm Drilling

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