Basic Engine Lathe: Grinding A Round-Nose Finishing Tool

Basic Engine Lathe: Grinding a Round-Nose Finishing Tool is part five of the Basic Engine Lathe 14-part training series.

A round nose finishing tool is used for facing large diameters and for straight turning. This course shows students how to grind a left-hand, round-nose finishing tool on the pedestal grinder.

Course objectives include:

  • Understand the safety procedures required in every machine shop
  • Know proper cutting tool nomenclature
  • Explain the procedure to follow in grinding a left-hand, round-nose finishing tool
  • Understand the geometry of a round-nose finishing tool.

Course menu:

Safe Operation

  • Safety and Dressing Procedures

Round-Nose Finishing Tool Preparation

  • Grinding Cutting Edge and Relief Angles
  • Grinding Nose and Rake Angles

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