Basic Electronic Components & Their Measurement: Types & Diagrams

Basic Electronic Components & Their Measurement: Types & Diagrams is part one of the Basic Electronic Components & Their Measurement three-part training series.

Course objectives include:

  • Become familiar with various types of electronic diagrams
  • Become familiar with interconnection diagrams
  • Read linear and nonlinear scale meters
  • Calculate circuit values
  • Understand analog and digital multimeters
  • List sources of measurement error with VOMs
  • Define the procedures for measuring voltage and current with an electronic VOM
  • Define the procedures for measuring resistance with a VOM
  • Explain the operation of bridge instruments.

Course menu:

Electronic Quantities and Testing Principles

  • Electronic Diagrams
  • Interconnection Diagrams
  • Reading Linear Scale Meters
  • Reading Nonlinear Scale Meters
  • The Parallax Effect
  • Calculating Circuit Values

Multimeter Types and Selection

  • Analog Multimeters
  • Digital Multimeters (DMMs)
  • Multimeter Selection

VOM Measurements and Maintenance

  • Sources of Measurement Error with VOMs
  • Voltage Measurement with an Electronic VOM
  • Current Measurement with an Electrical VOM
  • Resistance Measurement with a VOM
  • Maintenance of VOMs

Bridge-Type Instruments and Measurements

  • Using a Resistance Bridge
  • Principles of Bridge Instrument Operation
  • Using an Impedance Bridge
  • Potentiometers and Voltage Standards

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