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Asbestos Awareness: Understanding The Risk

When it comes to asbestos, it's better to be safe than sorry. This handbook provides you with the basics of safe asbestos use. Facts, risks, uses, dangers, protection measures.

  • The three forms of asbestos
  • Adverse health effects
  • Where asbestos can be found
  • Hazard communication
  • Personal protection
  • Housekeeping requirements

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Help your organization comply with OSHA's Asbestos Standards (1910.1001 and 1926.1101) with this basic awareness course. It trains workers to avoid asbestos-related risks, exploring how exposure occurs and where this useful but deadly material can be found. It also outlines the distinction between friable and nonfriable ACM, stresses proper ventilation and explores the nature of PELs. Through this course, your employees will learn asbestos control measures, from hazard communication and fiber containment to housekeeping and disposal.

Characteristics and Hazards of Asbestos

  • Forms and Uses of Asbestos
  • Routes of Exposure and Health Effects of Asbestos
  • Actual and Presumed Asbestos-Containing Materials

Avoiding Exposure to Asbestos

  • Hazard Warning Signs and Labels
  • Recognizing Damaged and Deteriorated ACM
  • Preventing Fiber Release in Buildings

Housekeeping and Cleanup Procedures

  • Housekeeping Requirements
  • Cleanup and Waste Disposal
  • Response to Fiber Release Episodes

Work Practice Controls

  • Work Operations and Regulated Areas
  • Engineering Controls and Work Practices
  • Protective Clothing and Hygiene Facilities

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