Applied Physics: Quantifying Physical Characteristics

Applied Physics: Quantifying Physical Characteristics is part one of the Applied Physics four-part training series.

In processing plants, routine jobs such as recording temperatures, checking flow rates, and monitoring pressure require the use of mathematics. Most of this math is not complicated. It is, however, important to recall and understand these fundamentals to better understand the ""how"" and ""why"" of everyday tasks in the plant. This course is designed to review basic math and how it applies to the work of a plant operator.

Course objectives include:

  • Review fundamental math principles
  • Convert between various units of measurement scales while reinforcing fundamental math, measurement precision, significant figures and scientific notation
  • Recognize units of measure to determine properties of heat, energy, and power.

Course menu:

Math Fundamentals

  • Equations
  • Functions

Units of Measurement

  • Imperial Units
  • Metric Units
  • Converting Units

Quantifying Units of Measurements

  • Length and Distance
  • Volume
  • Mass and Weight
  • Temperature

Applying Units of Measurement

  • Velocity
  • Pressure
  • Flow
  • Heat
  • Energy
  • Power

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