Applied Physics: Physical Force

Applied Physics: Physical Force is part three of the Applied Physics four-part training series.

Many forms of physical force are utilized in processing plants. This course introduces the principles of force, pressure, motion, acceleration, centrifugal force, center of mass, voltage and temperature as they apply to process equipment, plant structures and simple machines. The examples illustrate the application and conversion of energy forces to perform work in plant processes.

Course objectives include:

  • Explain the four fundamental forces and the principles of physical force
  • Describe the laws of motion and the different types of motion
  • Explain how forces relate to heat, temperature, pressure, voltage and amperage
  • Apply the principles of force to simple machines and the conversion and control of energy forces to perform work in plant processes.

Course menu:

Principles of Force

  • What is Force?

Laws of Motion
  • Descriptions of Motion
  • Motion and Simple Machines

Physical Forces
  • Motion
  • Pressure
  • Temperature

Electrical Force
  • Electricity

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