Applied Chemistry: Inorganic Chemistry of Water

Applied Chemistry: Inorganic Chemistry of Water is part two of the Applied Chemistry three-part training series.

This course presents the properties of water, water solutions and the effects of the many contaminants present in water that affect industrial facilities. The concepts of polarity, ions, conductivity, acids, bases and pH are introduced. The course also includes examples of how chemistry is used in the process industries for treating water supplies that enter the process facility, in aiding the heating and cooling of processes and how wastewater is treated as it leaves the plant.

Course objectives include:

  • Define terms associated with water chemistry
  • Describe the common phases and heat energy of water
  • Describe effects of temperature and pressure on water
  • Provide examples of how water chemistry is used in industrial processes.

Course menu:

Liquid and Solutions

  • The Liquid State
  • Solutions
  • Acids and Bases

Water Treatment
  • Physical Treatment
  • Chemical Treatment
  • Biological Treatment

Water Chemistry in Industrial Processes
  • Water Sources
  • Steam
  • Cooling Water
  • Wastewater

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