Applied Chemistry: General Chemistry

Applied Chemistry: General Chemistry is part one of the Applied Chemistry three-part training series.

Understanding general concepts of chemistry can help operators learn about plant processes and the types of physical changes and chemical reactions that occur. This course introduces the fundamentals of matter, atomic structure, the basic principles of molecules and the physical properties of atoms and molecules that differentiate them from one another. The course also presents simple chemical formulas, equations and measurements used to quantify the amount of an element or molecular species present in a mixture.

Course objectives include:

  • Define general chemistry terms
  • Identify different types of elements
  • Distinguish between chemicaland physical properties
  • Quantify the concentration of components in mixtures
  • Identify symbols used in chemical formulas and equations.

Course menu:

Chemistry Basics

  • What is Chemistry?
  • The Elements
  • Phases of Matter

Molecules and Mixtures
  • Atomic Bonding
  • Chemical Formulas
  • Chemical Equations

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