AC/DC Theory: Ohm's Law

AC/DC Theory: Ohm's Law is part four of the AC/DC Theory 14-part training series.

The course will bring an understanding of Ohm's Law formulas. Students will learn to calculate voltage, current, and resistance in almost any part of any electronic circuit without having to use voltmeters, ammeters, or ohmmeters to measure each quantity.

Course objectives include:

  • Write Ohm's Law in three different forms
  • Select the proper equation to calculate voltage, current, and resistance
  • Calculate the amount of power in a circuit.

Course menu:

Equations Derived Using Ohm's Law

  • Current Determination
  • Voltage Determination
  • Resistance Determination
Equations Derived Using Watt's Law
  • Determining Power, Voltage, and Current
  • Determining Power Absorbed by Resistors
  • Equations Derived from the Power Formula

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