AC/DC Theory: Inductive Circuits

AC/DC Theory: Inductive Circuits is part 12 of the AC/DC Theory 14-part training series.

The course teaches the effects of inductors within electronic circuits to better perform troubleshooting and repair of electronic equipment.

Course objectives include:

  • Explain how inductors operate and which features affect them
  • Explain mutual inductance
  • Describe the phase relationship between current and voltage
  • Compute inductive reactance.

Course menu:


  • Inductor Operation
  • Factors that Affect Inductance
  • Types of Inductors
Effect of Inductance in Circuits
  • Inductance in DC Circuits
  • Inductance in AC Circuits
Mutual Inductance
  • Process and Effect of Coupling
RL (Resistor Inductor) Circuits
  • Phase Shift and Impedance
  • Power Dissipation

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