AC/DC Theory: Capacitive Circuits

AC/DC Theory: Capacitive Circuits is part 11 of the AC/DC Theory 14-part training series.

The course will help students differentiate between true defects in the circuits and the effects caused by capacitors.

Course objectives include:

  • Describe commonly used capacitors
  • Calculate total capacitance for capacitors in series and parallel
  • Describe the phase relationships between current and voltage in different types of capacitor circuits
  • Calculate impedance in series and parallel RC circuits.

Course menu:


  • Types of Capacitors
  • Capacitance Calculation
Capacitive Circuits
  • Capacitors in DC Circuits
  • Capacitors in AC Circuits
RC (Resistor Capacitor) Circuits
  • Series RC Circuit
  • Impedance and Phase Relationships
  • Parallel RC Circuit

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