AC/DC Electronics 14-Part Series

This 14-part training series is designed to provide a fundamental understanding of AC/DC circuitry. Upon completion of this series, students will have a solid foundation in electrical/electronic theory.

eLearning courses included:

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AC/DC Electronics: CurrentIdentifies the characteristics of current flow and how to measure current flow.

AC/DC Electronics: VoltageTeaches students how to measure emf or voltage.

AC/DC Electronics: ResistanceExplains how to place resistance in a circuit and how that resistance affects the circuit.

AC/DC Electronics: Ohm's LawProvides a fundamental understanding of Ohm's Law formulas.

AC/DC Electronics: MagnetismIdentifies basic principles of magnetism and describes methods of producing magnetic forces.

AC/DC Electronics: Electrical MeasurementIdentifies characteristics of test equipment used to measure voltage, amperage, and resistance.

AC/DC Electronics: DC CircuitsShows how to use the basic formulas to simplify the evaluation of electric circuits.

AC/DC Electronics: Inductance & CapacitanceFocuses on the ways in which capacitors affect current.

AC/DC Electronics: Alternating CurrentDescribes the characteristics of alternating current with special emphasis on the characteristics of appearance, amplitude, and frequency of its wave form.

AC/DC Electronics: AC MeasurementIntroduces students to the proper selection of test equipment as well as the basic interpretation of test equipment readings.

AC/DC Electronics: Capacitive CircuitsHelps students differentiate between true defects in circuits and the effects caused by capacitors.

AC/DC Electronics: Inductive CircuitsTeaches the effects of inductors within electronic circuits to better perform troubleshooting and repair of electronic equipment.

AC/DC Electronics: TransformersDescribes the purpose, operation, and effects of transformers in electronic circuits.

AC/DC Electronics: Tuned CircuitsExplains common applications of tuned circuits.

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