40 Hours: Invest in Yourself

40 hours a week. At the very least, that's how much time your employees spend at work. It's one-third of their waking hours, which is quite a lot. So shouldn't they get the best return on such an important investment? This course will give your employees at all levels the tools to help maximize their workdays while inspiring them to take ownership of their job satisfaction. It provides just the right "jump start" to all levels of employees in every work environment.

Invest In Yourself

  • Use Time Wisely

  • Connect and Belong
  • Build a Sense of Community

  • Take Pride and Earn Respect
  • Pride and Respect

  • Have Some Fun
  • Positive Work Attitudes

  • Seek Growth
  • Personal and Professional Growth

  • Find Purpose and Meaning
  • Impact on Others

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